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Experience Unparalleled Protection with Holdings' $5M FDIC Insurance

As dedicated small business owners, we understand that protecting your hard-earned money is paramount. That's why we've partnered with Evolve Bank & Trust to bring you our innovative Business Account, designed to provide you with expanded FDIC insurance coverage and peace of mind. In this article, we'll explain how our FDIC sweep program safeguards your funds and empowers your business growth.

What is an FDIC Sweep Program?

An FDIC sweep program is a smart financial tool that automatically distributes your funds across multiple FDIC-insured banks. This allows you to secure insurance coverage beyond the standard $250,000 limit per depositor per bank. This strategic allocation helps maximize your FDIC insurance coverage and minimize risk.

How Holdings' Business Account Utilizes the Sweep Program

When you deposit funds into your Holdings Business Account, your money is initially held with Evolve Bank & Trust. However, through their network of FDIC-insured Program Banks, your funds are automatically swept into deposit accounts at these partner institutions. This process provides you with expanded FDIC insurance coverage of up to $5 million, depending on the number of Program Banks available.

The sweep occurs daily, ensuring your funds are continually optimized for maximum FDIC insurance coverage. As your Business Account balance changes, the sweep program dynamically adjusts the allocation of your funds across the Program Banks to maintain the highest level of protection possible.

Accessing Your Funds with Ease

With Holdings' Business Account, managing your funds is a breeze. Even though your funds are distributed across multiple Program Banks, you can access your money effortlessly through a single, user-friendly platform. No need to manage multiple accounts or navigate different banking interfaces. Simply view your account balance, initiate transfers, and manage your finances all from within your Holdings Business Account dashboard.

Effortlessly manage your funds through the Holdings Business Account dashboard

Your Protection is Our Priority

At Holdings, we're committed to ensuring the safety and security of your business's funds. By partnering with Evolve Bank & Trust and leveraging their FDIC sweep program, we've created a Business Account that offers unparalleled protection for your money. With expanded FDIC insurance coverage and a seamless user experience, you can focus on confidently growing your business, knowing that your funds are secure.

Getting Started with Holdings

Ready to experience the benefits of expanded FDIC insurance coverage and streamlined financial management? Opening a Holdings Business Account is quick and easy. Simply visit and follow the prompts to get started. Our dedicated support team is always available to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process.

With Holdings' Business Account and the power of the FDIC sweep program, you can confidently take control of your business's financial future. Start maximizing your FDIC insurance coverage and simplifying your financial management today.

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