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Pest IQ Shares Their Success Story with Holdings

Maximizing Reserve Cash and Earning Interest

At Holdings, we're thrilled to showcase the success stories of our clients who have benefited from our innovative business banking solutions. In this video, we feature Pest IQ, as they share their experience and the advantages of partnering with Holdings to optimize their cash management and grow their business.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Peace of mind and security: Pest IQ appreciates the peace of mind that comes with knowing their money is secure, insured, and protected with Holdings. Learn more about our FDIC insurance and security measures from our FAQ.
  2. Earning interest on reserve cash: By placing their reserve cash with Holdings, Pest IQ earns a competitive interest rate, helping them maximize their idle funds and pay for their office lease. Discover how our high-yield accounts can help your business grow.
  3. Liquidity and ease of use: Holdings provides Pest IQ with the liquidity they need to seize opportunities as they arise, while maintaining a simple and seamless user experience. See how our user-friendly platform can streamline your cash management.
  4. Quick and easy onboarding: The process of getting started with Holdings was incredibly simple for Pest IQ, taking only about 48 hours from their first visit to the website to having their money performing for them.
"Everything was digital. Everything was seamless and incredibly simple for me to have my money start performing for me." -Adam Weber

Ready to maximize your business's reserve cash and earn competitive interest rates?

Sign up for a Holdings account today and experience the same benefits that Pest IQ and many other satisfied clients have enjoyed. Our team is ready to help you streamline your cash management and grow your business. Get started now at

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